Our Services

As well as GP and nurse consultations we also offer:

Minor Surgery
Minor surgery such as excisions, ingrown toe nail removal etc can be undertaken by your doctor. Generally you will need to allow at least 30 minutes.
Costs vary depending on the type of minor surgery but typically starts from $300.
Skin Clinics
For treatment with liquid nitrogen (for warts etc.) Most skin lesions will need to be seen by your doctor before attending our skin clinic.
GP skin checks
All of our GPs are trained in dermoscopy. If you would like a skin check, please allow a full 15 minute consultation for this.
Lifestyle and Mental Health support from our Health Improvement Practitioners and Health Coach.
Sexual Health
For those under 24 years old, our doctors and nurses offer FREE and confidential sexual health consultations which can include contraception, pregnancy testing, sexual health checks and STI tests and treatment.
Medical Assessments
We offer a number of medical assessments including drivers licence, insurance and pre-employment medicals.
Travel Vaccinations
We offer a comprehensive range of travel vaccinations. Please be aware vaccinations must be paid for at time of ordering.

The following is a list of additional services available to our patients; some of our services are doctor or nurse only and some are doctor and nurse - please enquire with our reception team about any of the following –
Aclasta infusion
B12 injections
B4School Check (4 year old imms)
Blood pressure testing
Blood tests
Cardiovascular risk assessments
Cervical smears with nurse or doctor DepoProvera injection
IUD insertion and removal
Jadelle implant insertion and removal
Ring pessary sizing and insertion
Drivers licence medicals
Drug testing (test cup)
Ear syringe
Kardia heart rate monitoring
Flu vaccines
Immunisations – childhood
Immunisations – travel
Smoking cessation support
Womens Health